What do you learn at the Inner Mind Institute?

At the Inner Mind Institute, you will learn the real essence of mindfulness and how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. The Inner Mind Institute does not offer you a quick fix. Instead, we offer you a sustainable solution that will last. As a result, you will be able to live mindfully without depending on guidance every step of the way.

Mind Retreat Programs for

  • IMI Plus

    On-demand access to our mindfulness app, three highly valued 7-week introductory mindfulness courses, and much more! For beginners and more advanced practitioners.

  • Students

    If you have the ambition to teach others everything about mindfulness, or if you want to go in-depth for your own development, you can start with the Inner Mind Institute's Teacher Training.

  • Businesses

    A sustainable solution to integrate mindfulness in the workplace. Offer your employees the opportunity to practice mindfulness independently online or opt for a tailor-made online or in-house solution for your company.

How to get started

If this is your first time at the Inner Mind Institute, we recommend you to start your Mind Retreat Program (MRP) with our introductory mindfulness courses, available in IMI Plus. During these courses, you will learn many new and powerful mindfulness techniques.

For advanced practitioners and people who have already followed a mindfulness teacher training before, we offer our Teacher Training. The training is also an excellent curriculum to take the your mindfulness journey for your personal development to the next level.

IMI Plus Learn everything about mindfulness

What do I get with IMI Plus?

  • 10-week introductory course: The Essence of Mindfulness
  • 7-week introductory course: Mindfulness in Everyday Life
  • Guided Mindfulness Sessions in video and audio by Master Niels
  • Motivational Videos that keep you motivated!
  • Special Mindfulness Courses such as 'How to get rid of your addiction'
  • Vitally important articles about mindfulness
  • Answers to your most burning questions
  • Access to the IMI Plus member community

Try IMI Plus for free for 14 days and pay only €10 per month after.

Already a member? Start your practice now!

Sign in to our online platform for mindfulness and immediately start enhancing your practice. Practice on your own pace and at moments that suit you best!

We will continue to add more and more courses and additional content, so come back regularly.