Learn the first basics of mindfulness in 11 free sessions at the Inner Mind Institute. The founder of the IMI, Master Niels, will guide you and prepare you for the next steps in your journey to The Essence of Mindfulness.

Try the first two sessions below, and enroll into the course to continue with the remaining sessions for free. Repeat the sessions and practice as often as you like!

These sessions are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s much more to discover on our online platform. But let’s take it step by step and focus on the basics for now. Are you ready to start your practice?

Your introduction to mindfulness

Besides becoming calmer, having less stress, and living a life in a relaxed way. Why is it so important to learn mindfulness? Listen to this introduction to mindfulness to get the answer.

Connect With Your Breathing

Get familiar with being silent and connect with your breathing. This is your first step in learning mindfulness..

How to learn mindfulness

  • Start with your FREE sessions

    Learn the basics of mindfulness.

  • Continue with IMI Plus

    Learn everything about mindfulness at IMI Plus and start with the Introductory Course of 10 weeks!

  • IMI Plus

    Besides the Introductory Course, we offer many more. Click here to find out what you get.