The Essence of Mindfulness - Introductory Course

The Inner Mind Institute offers you a 10-week introductory course to mindfulness that you can follow entirely online! This is an excellent course if you are new to mindfulness. But, even as an advanced practitioner, you will still learn many new techniques and come to deeper insights.
Ten highly effective sessions

Start with the Introductory Course a moment that suits you and watch one session per week. If you feel you need more time to practice a certain technique, you can decide to repeat a session until you master the technique.

Use your online study support to practice

Watch a video recording or listen to the audio recording and practice during the week with our summaries, practice schedules, extra guided mindfulness sessions, and additional modules within IMI Plus to enhance your practice.

💻 Type of course - Online
⏱️ Duration - 10 weeks
📆 Starts - Now
🇬🇧 Language - English

The Essence of Mindfulness

Get IMI Plus to start with your introduction to mindfulness or deepen your knowledge with this groundbreaking 10-week Introductory Course

What others say about our Introductory Course

Groundbreaking mindfulness course


"A must for everyone! Follow this groundbreaking mindfulness course and learn how being aware of your body and your thoughts can significantly change your life in a positive way."

A different approach


"For me this course was an amazing adventure. Mindfulness which I knew was different. I like to discover my new possibilities and this course gives me many new practice insights to do so. I am very grateful to Master Niels and team IMI."

This course has given me morgen than I expected


"This course has given me much more than I expected. There has really changed a lot in how I look at things and how I approach things. My life is more effortless and lighter!"

Suitable for beginners and advanced students


"A very well structured course with meditation techniques, which I have not received anywhere else. Very effective. Course is suitable for beginners and advanced students. You learn not to identify with a situation, so that you have more space to enjoy it. This can be a positive as well as a negative experience. I heartily recommend this course."

I'm able to create more mindfulness energy


"My whole life I've been struggling with my 'monkey mind' and self doubt. It controlled my life. During this 10-week course I have learned so much, and so fast, about how to become the observer of my thoughts. More and more I'm able to create mindful energy at any moment of the day. I feel more calm, more love, more aware. I'm very grateful that I had the opportunity to join this course. And thankful for Niels being such a great teacher and putting all this effort in making this knowledge accessible for me/us/others. You rock Niels!"

Why you should take this Introductory Course

This introductory course to mindfulness is a unique opportunity that you cannot miss. During this course, Master Niels will teach you 8 new powerful mindfulness techniques that you haven't learned anywhere else.

Follow the complete course at your own pace for only €10 per month! Positively changing your life was never this easy.

Guidance by Master Niels

Niels de Stürler Boekwijt (36) is the founder of the Inner Mind Institute. In 2020, Master Niels lived as a Buddhist monk in Thailand. His ultimate goal for this year was to find enlightenment and to spread his knowledge to his students.

Since 2010 Master Niels traveled multiple times to Thailand to expand his knowledge about mindfulness, eventually becoming a monk for the first time in 2015.

He has guided retreats in Thailand and The Netherlands, and is now teaching many students through online live and on-demand available courses.

In the Netherlands, Master Niels works as an osteopath, treating people in the Inner Mind Center in Oegstgeest, and he organizes mindfulness courses and retreats in The Netherlands and Thailand.

Master Niels as a Buddhist monk in Thailand in 2020

Is this course right for me?

The techniques that you will learn during this course are extremely new and powerful. We believe that everyone from a beginner to an advanced practitioner can benefit their mindfulness practice from these techniques.
  • 🧘🏻 Beginners

  • 🧘🏻 Advanced Practitioners

  • 🧘🏻 Mindfulness Teachers

Course curriculum

    1. Session 1 - Watch the Session

    2. Session 1 - Summary

    3. Session 1 - Presentation Slides

    4. Session 1 - Practice Schedule

    5. Session 1 - The Origin of Mindfulness (documentary)

    6. Session 1 - Test Your Knowledge

    1. Session 2: Watch the Session

    2. Session 2 - Summary

    3. Session 2 - Presentation Slides

    4. Session 2 - Practice Schedule

    5. Session 2 - Mindfulness Doesn't Work! (article)

    1. Session 3: Watch the Session

    2. Session 3 - Summary

    3. Session 3 - Presentation Slides

    4. Session 3 - Practice Schedule

    5. Session 3 - Test Your Knowledge

    6. Session 3 - The Definition of Mindfulness (article)

    7. Session 3 - Masters of Mindfulness (article)

    1. Session 4: Watch the Session

    2. Session 4: Audio + Summary

    3. Session 4: Senses & Sensations (guided mindfulness session)

    4. Session 4 - Presentation Slides

    5. Session 4 - Practice Schedule

    6. Session 4 - Test Your Knowledge

    7. Session 4 - Masters of Mindfulness (article)

    1. Session 5: Watch the Session

    2. Session 5 - Summary

    3. Session 5 - Presentation Slides

    4. Session 5 - Practice Schedule

    5. Session 5 - Test Your Knowledge

    6. Session 5 - Masters of Mindfulness (article)

    1. Session 6: Watch the Session

    2. Session 6 - Summary

    3. Session 6 - Presentation Slides

    4. Session 6 - Practice Schedule

    5. Session 6 - Life Is Uncontrollable! (article)

    6. Session 6 - Test Your Knowledge

    7. S6 - Masters of Mindfulness (article)

About this course

  • €250,00
  • 65 lessons
  • 18.5 hours of video content


  • How do I get access to my study material?

    Your study material for the online introductory course is part of IMI Plus. With IMI Plus you have access to recordings, summaries, practice schedules, extra guided sessions, and more for all sessions in the introductory course. You will also have access to the additional modules on our platform to support your mindfulness practice.

  • What study material will I have access to?

    The study material for our 10-week introductory course exists out of session recordings, written summaries, practice schedules, presentation slides, extra guided sessions, and more.

  • How long will I have access to my study material?

    You will have access to your study material for as long as you are an IMI Plus member.

  • Can I follow this introductory course on-demand?

    Yes, you can start this 10-week introductory course on-demand, and practice at your own pace. However, we do advice you to not follow more than one session per week, so that you have enough time to practice your new techniques.

  • Will I also have access to other courses on this platform?

    Yes, with IMI Plus you will have access to the study material for this introductory course, and to selected modules to support your online practice. We are still adding new content and new modules periodically, so you will have access to more, and more study material over time.

  • Will you publish new study material to this course?

    We continue to improve the study material for this course, and publish new content to support your practice.

  • What is IMI Plus?

    IMI Plus is a membership to the online platform of the Inner Mind Institute. For only €9.90 per month you get access to the study material for our 10-week introductory course, and to selected modules to support your practice.

  • How can I cancel my membership IMI Plus?

    You can cancel IMI Plus at any moment through your student dashboard. After you cancelled your membership, you remain access to all of your study material until the expiry date of your membership.

  • Is IMI Plus included in my donation?

    If you follow our live 10-week introductory course, "The Essence of Mindfulness," making a one-time donation does not give you access to IMI Plus. IMI Plus is an addition to our live course, and can only be purchased separately through our online platform.