Course curriculum

    1. S4 - The Essence of Mindfulness - Sensations

    2. S4 - Presentation Slides

    3. S4 - Schedule Home Practice - W4

    4. S4 - Guided Mindfulness Session: Senses & sensations

    5. S4 - Masters of Mindfulness

    1. S5 - The Essence of Mindfulness - Moods

    2. S5 - Presentation Slides

    3. S5 - Schedule Home Practice - W5

    4. S5 - Masters of Mindfulness

    1. S6 - The Essence of Mindfulness - Wisdom

    2. S6 - Presentation Slides

    3. S6 - Schedule Home Practice - W6

    4. S6 - Life is uncontrollabe!

    5. S6 - Masters of Mindfulness

About this course

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    You can pick and donate any amount that is in balance for you. After your donation you will immediately have access to all contents of The Essence of Mindfulness - Introduction Course. This includes summaries, audio recordings and useful home practice schedules. Due to the character of the eight session we cannot provide an audio recording of this session. It's essential to be present during this live present

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    When you make a donation for following The Essence of Mindfulness - Introduction Course you will get access to all summaries, audio recordings and home practice schedule for each session in this course until 2 weeks after the course has finished.

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    No. You will buy access to The Essence of Mindfulness - Introduction Course only. If you want to also study other courses on our platform you can become a donation-based member for €10 per month (or €100 per year) to receive free access to the Membership bundle for as long as you are a member, or purchase each course individually.

  • When will you publish new studying material to this course?

    Summaries, audio recordings and home practice schedules will be added to this course on the Monday after each session.

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    You can become a member of the Inner Mind Institute by making a monthly donation of €10 or €100 per year. As a member you will receive free access to all the courses in the Membership bundle on our platform.